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You Never Really Knew Me


Little Nikita

All those years went by and I stayed by your side,

You never really knew me, I held it all inside.

I reached out to you but you werenít there,

I loved you even if you didnít care.

One by one I brought your babies into this world,

Yet all you could do was make my life a living hell.

Mocking and laughing, putting me down,

Guess you thought Iíd always be around.

You looked at me, thought I was so weak.

Within me was my strength, I just appeared meek.

You took away my freedom, did everything you could do,

All of it to try and stop me from leaving you.

You wounded me so badly, made me wish you would die,

That only made me realize my life with you was nothing but a lie.

A little courage was all I needed and a helping hand up,

Didnít take me much to decide Iíd had enough.

I walked away so easily, didnít even bother to tell you why,

There didnít seem any point in wasting my time saying goodbye.

I walked away from you and stepped into the real me,

Iím no longer a prisoner, now Iím finally free.

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