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On Heaven's Throne


Linda Dousay

Iíve given someóIíve given alló
Iíve pushed away and held some nearó
Iíve drunk the bitter cup of galló
Iíve cast away the thought of fearó
Iíve loved a week and loved for yearsó
But, the truest love Iíve ever known,
that healed all pain and dried all tears,
was One I found on Heavenís throne.

Iíve jumped the gun and broke the stalló
Iíve sailed through storms till all was clearó
Iíve swam the length and played hard balló
Iíve broke the ropes and learned to steeró
Iíve played in faith and run in fearó
But, the fairest game Iíve ever known,
the race that won the biggest cheer,
was One I found on Heavenís throne.

Iíve known musicians great and smalló
Iíve felt the lust and heard the cheersó
Iíve seen some rise and watched some falló
Iíve laughed with some and shared some tearsó
Iíve filled our days with wine and beeró
But, the sweetest song Iíve ever known,
the one I long the most to hear,
was One I found on Heavenís throne.

If I could write a thousand years
and reap the wheat my words have sown,
the Word that calmed my deepest fearsó
was One I found on Heavenís throne.

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