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Larisa Lora Schvartsman

God gifted me with a great gift.
God gifted me with four souls.
And I love them all 
with so the same mothers love...
My girls, you make me happy 
in all ways... Always.

My first-born, 
how can I love you less?
You gave me the first virgin joy,
the first thrill of being a Mom.
The very first time in my life.
My baby, I love you so...
You are everything
I ever desired in my child...

My twenty-four years old,
you came into my life 
when you were ten... You were 
even than so tough, so smart...
More than me at the time.
I love you. You are mine.

My long legged, long haired
beautiful hearted seventeen years old. 
My third. You are the love of my life.
Baby, when I was an adult but yet young, 
I want you to know that you were all, 
that I ever wanted for my child.

My lady Michelle,
you are a reward 
for all 
that I tried 
to reach in my life.
So my life has a goal.

All my beautiful,
My babies ... my girls...
I love you all
so ... much, 
so much, that words 
cannot describe.
I wish to be always 
there for you, my girls. 
As my love.

Like tonight at the airport,
to take you home
from visiting your dad.
It is somehow sad
that you all
only sometimes
visit your dad.
Forgive me, regardless...
Yet mine is 
always yours home. 
Again, regardless.

It is you ... 
my babies,
my ladies,
my girls,
I love you 
to the end
Life ... 

Yours always...

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