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Moving On


Lil Juicy CC

my heart is yours
ive waited for you to take it
i cant explain how happy i was the day you did
but i didnt expect you to break it
i gave you all of me
without even thinking
because i felt you were real
cause you looked into my soul without even blinking
when i looked at you i saw where i wanted to be
when i was with you i felt my heart could be free
the moments we shared i wont ever forget it
even though it hurts me to say
what youve done to me
it makes me regret it
i put my heart into you
all of my feelings were true
but obviosly it didnt matter
now what am i supposed to do
im now an emotional mess
trying to deal with all of this stress
but is it your fault or is it mine
i should have read in between the lines
but i still sit here and remenisce
about your sweet soft and lucsious kiss
even when i get over you
ill never forget your lips.
they took me to another place
that i loved to be
all i want is one more taste
of your lips and of your body
of your warm embrace
and just one more look at your face
and ill be fine
my heart will eventually heal
it just needs some time
even though i still want to be with you
i hope that this is last time i can see you
cause i know you dont deserve me
cause youve done me so wrong
and with me you just dont belong
so im going to move on with me life
and i wil try to be strong
from this moment on i will be getting over you
nothing more to say but
i loved knowing you

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