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Black Magic


Lana Star

Chapter 1

The world is full of magic. Amazing things happen everyday that we just take for granted. No one believes in dragons, fairies, spells, or the ever lasting fight between good and evil anymore.

My story is full of the unbelievable. It is for those who still believe in the unthinkable, those few are known as Seers. We protect the natural balance of light and dark. We keep the order between our mythical world and the mortal one.

We are in danger of exposure. We are being hunted down and the keys to our world are being used against us. We must turn to the mortal world for help or all is lost. There are only a hand full of us left and our power is fading.

Samantha Star walked quickly up the front steps of her high school. If she was late one more time her mom was going to go mental on her and she couldnít afford that. She couldnít reschedule her date with her boyfriend anymore, he was already at the end of his rope with her.

The tardy bell rang just as she sat down. She breathed a sigh of relief as she looked around for Greg. They had been dating for most of the year, but Greg Walker was one of the best looking guys in their grade. So it was a wonder that he had picked Sam over all the other, more pretty girls.

 She spotted him in his seat a few rows back. His gold, blond hair hung loosely in his deep blue eyes. He saw her looking at him and waved, she returned it as she turned back around to start her day.

It seemed she had just gotten there when the bell rang and class was over. Sam packed up her stuff as quickly as she could and headed out the door. Greg was waiting just outside for her.

She smiled as she twirled a strand of her strawberry blond hair around one of her fingers while her blue-green eyes glittered. He placed his arm around her waist as he walked her to her next class. He kissed her on the cheek and then continued on to his. 

The rest of the day went smoothly for Sam. Greg had walked her home until they reached the turn in the road that lead to his house. They said their good-byes and Sam walked the rest of the way to her house.
A dog from a near by house barked, an ally cat knocked over a garbage can in-between two houses, and a crow cawed above her in a tree. As she came closer to her house, Sam had the strangest feeling she was being watched.

She shrugged it off and walked inside her front door. Her mother was in the kitchen singing along with the radio as she entered. She couldnít help but laugh when she saw her mom acting so silly.
"Mom, what are you doing?" she said above the old music.

"Sam, hi, I didnít think youíd be home yet," she answered turning down the radio.
Sam shook her head as she went to her room to do her homework. As she opened her backpack, she found a rectangle box in her bag.

She smiled to herself thinking Greg had slipped it into her bag or had one of his friends do it. He liked to be surprising like that.

Inside the box was a metal dragon charm with itís tail wrapped around a blood red marble on a leather strap that was tied in a knot. It was the most beautiful thing Sam had ever laid eyes on. She tied it around her neck. Her eyes widened with curiosity and fear as the marble glowed briefly then faded.

She felt powerful.
She stood and glanced out her bedroom window. Beside her garage she saw a white horse. She rubbed her eyes and looked again, but the horse was gone.
She couldnít believe what she had just seen. The white horse looked like it had a horn sticking out of itís forehead.
But that would mean it was a unicorn and that couldnít be, could it? She thought.
"Thereís no way there would be a horse in the middle of Vancouver, Washington," her mom said when she tried to explain to her what she had seen.

"I know mom, but thatís what I saw, a unicorn by the garage, I wouldnít believe it if I hadnít seen it myself," Sam tried.

"Sam, youíve been watching to many fantasy shows, now go do your homework and no more talk of unicorns in the driveway," her mom said finishing the argument.

Chapter 2

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