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Larisa Lora Shvartsman

Joy is the soul which we call joy
Smile is a window to the soul
Laughter is the door...
If the soul is joy why don't we 
release joy in the heart?
Corridor between the soul and the mind.
To be joyous you must "be of a mind" 
to move joy in your soul 
through your heart 
to enter the mind.

With the closed mind
your feelings - the language of soul 
will back-up in the heart.
This is why feeling sad is breaking the heart
and from happiness heart is bursting.
Yet when we open the mind
feelings are allowed to be pushed out.
With no need for the heart 
to break nor to burst but to become 
a free-flowing joy in the soul. 
As soul 
is joy 
is Life 
is expressing love 
is Essence of life 
is Love...

There is a secret to joy.
To feel joy 
let it out.
Release it in the heart of another
with something as simple 
as your smile
with something as elegant 
as making love
with a song
with a dance 
with the rhyming of words
with holding hands
with partnering of souls
with sharing of a feeling
with telling of a truth
with the ending of an anger
with forgiveness
with the choice to release
with desire to give
with the grace to receive.
There are thousands of ways to let joy out.
In the moment you decide you will know how...

through God

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