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The Poet's Call


Linda Dousay

There is a place beside a wall that's built for you and me
A narrow ledge designed by all who view humanity
From day to day we make the climb and stand that all may see
We've paid our due: we're here to view: as them—insanity.

Some climb in pain, some climb alone—some run, some fall, some stand
Still every day, we make our way unto this fateful land—
But deep within each poet’s soul is hatred for the wall
Created in the minds of men existing from the fall.

Though here, in rapt attention—we listen for some sound
A clearer voice, a certain call to turn our lives around—
Then one sweet day a bell rings true, and you and I are free
To break the tie, report a high that lives on Calvary:

A different tune—a sweet refrain—
a chord, a note, then seas
                 … of endless floating melody –
Carrying souls beyond their goals in wondrous rhapsody.

The wall will fall as hearts lift all and boundaries drift away—
Beyond the ledge into the edge of glorious sun filled days—
In dreams they've known since ages gone and places longed to be,
And heights unknown with loves begone—in joyous harmony.

This note, this tune, this song we sing
will come when hearts sink low
When none can see beyond the sea
of sorrow in their soul.

So walk my love, press on, press on—
through pain, through hope, through fear—
We'll hear the call that comes to all
who walk beyond their years

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