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Under The Bed


Leah Aplin

My little brother Tom was afraid of the dark.

"Please leave the light on?" every night he would ask.

One night I dared him to look under the bed.

"There's a monster. A monster!" he shakily said.

I didn't believe him and neither did Mum.

She said, "Close your eyes. And stop sucking your thumb."

He looked again, then called for Dad.

Tom said the monster looked really BAD.

It had shiny eyes and a furry head.

And it was in the far corner under his bed.

It was waiting. Was lurking. Was drooling you see.

Waiting to pounce on Tommy and me.

And as soon as the light went, it would come out from the bed.

"What a load of rubbish. Go to sleep." Dad said.

I tried not to laugh and Tom nearly cried.

He pulled the blankets over his head to hide.

And when all was quiet, and Tom was asleep.

That's when I heard it. A movement. A creak.

A thump. A stirring. There WAS something there.

I could hear something breathing in the night air.

A MONSTER. A MONSTER. What could I do?

Would it eat me and Tommy and Mum and Dad too?

I lay there not moving. I couldn't take anymore!

I sneakily snuck to the bedroom door.

Quietly. Quietly. I tiptoed around.

Until the bedroom light switch I found.

Slowly I sank to the bedroom floor

And quietly crawled to Tom's bed and saw

In the corner

Under the bed

Shiny eyes

And a Furry head.

It was our cat.

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