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Linda Dousay

Two Used to Be's

1. The Good Ole Guy

He lived on Main—drove Fancy cars!
What was his name? …down at the bar?

2. The Grass Widow

Patiently, she waits on time— 
she was first, you know, in his long line.

Three Wanna Be’s

1. The Prophet

Some people say he goes too far,
but they can’t see his rising star.

2. The Lover

He combs his hair, then smiles alone:
“You watch—I’ll bring the next one home!”

3. The Child

He clomps around in daddy’s shoes, 
quite confident, he cannot lose!

Three Are’s

1. The Matriarch

She quietly smiled, then left the room— 
Chantilly lace, Chanel perfume.

2. The Loan Officer

He listens carefully to their woes,
then turns them down: “Well, so it goes.”

3. The Tenured Professor

Why should he care what students say?
He draws his paycheck anyway.

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