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Angels By My Side


Little Nikita

Under my breath I prayed,

Hearing my cries,

You sent your angels to my side.

Standing fiercely they watched over me,

I did not know they were there.

I had to trust in what I couldnít see.

Trembling all over with fear,

Too hurt to cry one more tear.

You knew without your help that I would die,

So you sent them just in time.

After all the horrible words were said.

He raised his hand to my head.

They shone brightly shining your light,

He stumbled backwards in awe,

Glimpsing the angels of the Lord.

Shielded by angels he would hurt me no more,

Finding new courage I showed him the door.

Then it was all over and only silence remained.

You moved in closer and cradled me in your arms,

Whispering softly you said,

"My child feel the love,"

"Cry healing tears then move on"

I cried out "Please Father take me home"

His arms wrapped back around me.

His voice spoke softly,

"I know you donít know yet how to stand"

"So whenever you need me reach out and take my hand"

He took my hand in his, and filled me with his love to overflowing.

Now I could spend the rest of my life knowing,

A Love so pure, unconditional and free.

A Fathers Love just for me.

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