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Louisiana Laignappe


Linda Dousay

Hi, this is Myra—
in overdrafts and kite control
We sail em, float em—make em too—
we're here to mop your floors. 

What's that you say? Speak up young man!
You got some problem boy?
You say your monies done been spent?
You're walking out the door? 

Well Sunny boy, you listen good!
That ain't my problem now:
You drew that money by yourself—
ain't no one tugged your plow! 

We run this bizness fair and square—
we sail em—float em too!
We stretch our neck like long neck goose
for any child what's true. 

But mama boy, she weren’t no fool;
she raised me proper good -
And we don't like no quitters, boy!
We're fate’ful—through and through!

So, hop on down to Pujo Street
Go check dem others out;
Ain't no one here gone shed no tears—
we ain't your crock-a-dile!

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