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Or Love Will Get Bored


Larisa Lora Shvartsman

You are giving,
You are caring,
You are pretty,
You are fun.
You are trying so hard.
You are into a hunt for love.
You are in a fear to lose.
You are so insecure.
Protecting yourself with the looks,
hiding behind a sexual screen
the caring, the giving, the beauty.

Lose the fear to lose
and the need to prove.
Just be who you are -
the caring,
the giving,
the pretty,
the fun.
You'll be sensual not for someone,
but for the caring, the giving, the pretty you.
Sexuality will be not 
part of the make-up.

That special one 
will be attracted to you
like a bee to honey.
It's hard to resist
the caring,
the giving,
the pretty,
the fun,
the sensual 
sexual you.
Don't be insecure.

Yet do not over give.
Too much of giving in time 
gets so hard to receive.
Stretch the givingness,
keep the interest,
challenge the man.
Keep him fascinated every new day.
Pull back. 
Become a friend.
Be the one to talk to.
Be the one to miss.
Be the one and Love will come.

Sexy body in a short skirt,
in a halter top be a part of you.
Just the packaging. You are lucky enough
to have an attractive one.
To be loved you need to be more.
Body comes with a soul.
Or Love will get bored. You'll be hurt.
It does not have to be.
When you'll overcome the fear.
When you'll believe 
that you are more than a pretty girl.

You are more. 
You just covered it all
under the short skirt. 
Give Love a chance 
to get to know your best.
The caring,
the giving,
the pretty,
the fun,
the sensual, sexual you.
Just be you. 

I wish not to offend 
with my thoughts.
I just believe that you 
need someone who 
is there for you.
Who simply cares for you.
I do.

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