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Black Magic


Lana Star

Chapter 2

The next day at school Sam didnít tell anyone about her horse sighting, not even Greg. The necklace was another thing, Greg claimed to have never seen it before in his life. All day Sam was lost in thought about the horse, the necklace, and the feeling of being followed that she kept having.

It had happened again that morning. She had been walking to school when the feeling had passed over her. She turned and thought she had seen a shadow move, maybe a cat or a dog. But if there was someone, or something, following her it was getting braver. As Sam entered the school that day she noticed a new girl around the school. She was pretty with jet black hair streaked with red, blond and purple and opaque blue eyes. She went by the name Rose, but she seemed so familiar to Sam that it made her shudder just to look at her.

On her way home Sam spotted Rose walking in the same general direction as her on the other side of the road with a shaggy black dog trotting beside her. The dog had no leash, but seemed very well trained.
As she watched she saw Rose and her dog slip into an ally. She figured they knew a short cut to their house. But as she watched, she saw the dog become a boy the same age as Rose with chocolate brown hair hanging in his soft brown eyes.

The boy turned and looked directly and Sam. His eyes seemed to hold all the answers she needed and more. She stopped and couldnít seem to stop staring into his eyes. A smirk crossed his face as he blinked and looked away.

"Hey Sam, why donít you come over here and meet my friend?" Rose called. Sam hesitated. She didnít know much about these two and she had just watched this strange boy turn from a dog into a person. His eyes didnít comfort her either, they seemed to know to much.  She walked slowly across the street and into the ally. She wouldnít take her eyes off the boy.

"Relax Sam, Prince doesnít bite," Rose said lazily.

"Prince? What kind of a name is Prince?" Sam asked, confused.

"My name," Prince said coolly.

"So, Rose, how do know Prince?" Sam asked, changing the subject.
Rose smirked.

"My name isnít Rose, thatís a cover, my name is Twilight," Twilight said.

"Cover? For what? Your not criminals are you?" Sam asked, backing slowly away.

"You know who we are," Prince said as he glanced at Sam with his all seeing eyes.
"I donít know what your talking about," Sam said as she started to leave.

"We can answer your questions, Sam," Twilight said.

Sam stopped. She had a million questions that had been racing around in her head for days on end. Prince and Twilight were way out of the ordinary, but they seemed to know an awful lot about what was going on.

She turned slowly back to face them. She was still unsure about them. They could just be stringing her along and then try to rob her. They all suddenly heard something that sounded like horse hooves coming their way.

"Dusty, I told you to stay hidden and rest," Twilight scolded as she disappeared around the corner.
Sam took that moment to run for it. Prince made a grab for her wrist, but Twilight yelled something that made him let go. She ran all the way home, up into her room and stayed there until it was time for dinner.

Chapter 3

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