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The Rhythm of Life


Loyd David Burt

There is a rhythm in the universe that pulsates throughout us all
there is a Power at our disposal if we could only breach that wall.
If we could raise ourselves above the doubt that clouds our mind
we would be in tune with the rhythm of life, enjoy love of a different kind.

For love is the great dynamic through which we attain all aims,
but as mortals we reject this love, for more materialistic claims.
Self satisfaction, self achievement, such ego brings naught but strife,
we miss out on the beauty by not being at one with life.

There is a rhythm in our being, there is a Power within our soul,
There is a Power within us all, we have it, on parole.
It is the Power of instinct, which we bridle and restrain.
To regain that rhythm that we have lost, we must learn to love again.

We must trust our basic instincts, we must let the Power flow,
we must denounce particularism, we must moderate our own ego.
We must through love transform ourselves, be more humble in our ways
if we are to regain the rhythm of life that will rejuvenate our days.

In this way we will experience the mercy and creativity of love,
we draw down upon ourselves the Power from the cosmos up above.
Our absolute faith and trust will attract the Power that we need
to banish hate, misunderstanding, racialism and selfish greed.

We are going to have to learn that we cannot live alone,
if we would but open up our minds, love will melt those hearts of stone.
Love that is free of self has this wondrous rhythmic Power
once harnessed it will give us strength, even beyond our final hour.

Self-searching, self cleansing will show us wherein weve strayed.
Self analysis of our ego will highlight all the mistakes weve made.
Let the Sun shine inside of you, let its rays beam from your face,
let the rhythm of life flow through you and make this world a better place.

Let us do this thing together by sharing with our fellow man,
the Love and Power within our souls, by doing what we can
to stretch forth our arms in friendship, gather Love into our fold.
Let us be as one with the universe, Let the rhythm of life enfold

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