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Deep Water


Little Nikita

Knew something was wrong,

Could see it in your eyes,

In more trouble than I knew

Was nothing I could do

Wanted to run and hide,

All I could do was scream inside,

To the beach we all went,

Nice family day out

Took me into the water,

Waded with me right out,

Should have made some excuse,

To not go with you

I had no idea,

What you were going to do

Vice like grip on my arm,

Forcing me into deep water,

Now I knew,

You had hold,

Water was so cold,

Was nothing I could do.

Powerful rip tides,

Pulling under my feet

One big shove,

Pushed me in real deep

Struggled and thrashed

Just to stay alive

Screamed desperately to God,

Please help me survive

Unable to swim,

Body sinks deeper and deeper down

Breathing in water,


Beginning to drown

Sinking deeper,

Darkness all I could see,

Black silence,

Gentle peace,

Death was with me.

Cradled in warm, strong arms,

Safe from anymore harm

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