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Lori-Anne Malonson

Each day goes by so slowly
but then why
Does time, when measured in months and years,
seem to fly?
Yet flying faster and faster still
is the time that is being measured by the
Landmarks of one's soul.
The gaps between personal
Circumstances appear small
though they may span years,
years that are really no time at all.
A person who considers
himself to be old may say
Being old is grim:
But a wise person,
a feeling and knowing being,
would say that the problem
does not lie in being old,
but in being older.
Time is evasive and cunning.
One day, your whole life is ahead of you;
the next, all your
Regrets lay behind you.
Few have the strength and wisdom needed
in order to prevent Time from eluding him even further
In the pursuit of
Rectifying past infractions which can not be Resolved.
A person possessing this strength and wisdom
has the capability to change the world,
or not...
But no one,
not even these individuals,
Outshine the blearily looked upon illusion that is

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