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5 Little Poems by Little Nikita


Little Nikita


Trapped in a world of fear,
Unable to cry one solitary tear.
Walls built to hide me inside,
Waiting for the screaming to subside.
Blood splashed all up the walls,
Nothing matters, nothing at all.

Missing You

Haunted by beautiful visions of you,
Knowing now our love was true.
Close my eyes and you're always there,
Hope you knew I really did care.
Death took you, wouldn't let you stay,
One moment in time washed all our dreams away

Sweet Sparrow

Sweet little sparrow singing in the tree,
Sing me your song, sing it to me.
Show me how it feels to be happy and free,
Never a thought about your destiny.
Greeting each day like its brand new,
Sweet little sparrow how I wish I were you

Run away with me

Take me away to paradise,
Help me forget all the lies.
Take me now, take me to safety,
Run away with me.
Stand with me on the edge of a cliff,
One small step ,come on, lets greet death.

Always knew about you

Gambling. Cheating Lying that's you,
Hiding, Crying, Surviving that's me.
Do whatever you want, I hate you, I don't care.
One day when you come home, I wont be there.
Was all over a long, long time ago,
Starting that night you slept with her and you thought I didn't know.

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