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Your Love


Little Nikita

One-tear rolls down my cheek,
One wave crashes in from the sea.
The memory of you lingers in the breeze,
I close my eyes and see only you.
I feel what's left of your love,
Like a heavy blanket crushing me
My heart is weighed down by all the hurt.
Yet I long for your touch, your kiss, your embrace.
I still want everything,
I can't let go of you.
But this is all that's left,
Lonely never-ending nights.

Staring out to a dark ocean,
Shining like crystal in the moonlight.
I'm trying to understand.
So I cry out silently to the stars above,
But I'm left with nothing but wishes and hot bitter tears.
Just another night full of this unbearable pain.
I'm drowning in confusion,
I don't know what to do.
Holding my face in my hands,
Falling completely apart.
Is this what you call love?

Stepping slowly into the numbing sea,
Deadly ice cold waters surrounding me.
With nothing left to hold on to,
Only shattered dreams of me and you.
My feet slowly sink into the sand,
Trying to forget you one step at a time.
Slipping away into the darkness,
Silently calling out your name.
Closing my eyes,
Still wishing for you.

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