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Black Magic


Lana Star

Chapter 3

The next day Sam avoided Rose/Twilight and her dog that she knew was Prince in disguise. Greg was concerned about Sam's sudden paranoia about Rose, but she wasn't ready to talk yet. Sam tried to manage her school work, her home life and her new concerns about Twilight, Prince and this Dusty. She turned to the dragon charm that hung around her neck that she had received from someone. The charm seemed strange, yet vaguely familiar. It brought her the comfort that had suddenly gone missing from her now hectic life.
She knew that Twilight and Prince could answer her burning questions, she just had to gather up enough courage to face them again.

She saw them on their way home that day. She watched as they stopped in the same ally they had yesterday, watched Prince change in a human and waited for them to saw something, but they never did.
She paused and waited for them to see her. They didn't call to her, look at her or even seem to know she existed. With a sudden flash of anger, she stormed across the street to face them.

"Why haven't you two noticed me yet!?" she snapped.
All Twilight and Prince did was look at each other and smile.


"We wanted you to come back on your own Sam, if your going to help us it has to be voluntary," Twilight said.
"Help you? How? Why?" Sam asked calmly, now more curious then angry.

"We can't tell you a lot right now, but we need to know if we can count on you when we can," Prince said as he looked at her with those eyes. Sam was suddenly lost in his eyes. They comforted her and made her feel like she was the most special person in the world. Twilight suddenly grabbed her arm and twirled her around to face her.

"Word of advice, stare to long into his eyes and he'll have you under a spell that you can't escape," she said, darkly.
"Spell? What are you talking about?" Sam said, laughing. Twilight and Prince exchanged looks of shock.

"What?" Sam asked looking at one then the other.

"Do you believe in spells?" Twilight asked.

"Spells? Like magic?" Sam asked.

Price started to walk away, shaking his head. Twilight followed him and grabbed his arm. They started talking quickly in a strange and different language. Their gestures suggested that Prince was mad and Twilight was trying to calm him down. After a few minuets they seemed to finally come to a solution and Twilight walked back over to Sam. Prince stayed where he was with his hands in his jacket pockets and his back to the girls.
Twilight smiled sadly as she returned to Sam.

"What? Is something wrong?" Sam asked, concerned.

"Prince brought up a good point and I agree. You can't help us," Twilight said, sighing.

"What? Why not?" Sam asked.

"You don't believe in magic," Price snapped. Twilight shot him a dirty look, but her eyes told Sam that she knew he was right.
"What does magic have to do with anything?" Sam asked, getting madder by the second.

"Everything. Sam, we're Seers," Twilight said.

"Your what?" Sam asked, lost.

"Why don't you tell her everything Twilight!?" Prince snapped.

"She has a right to know Prince, it is her birth right," Twilight snapped back.

"My birth right? Magic? Seers? I feel so lost," Sam said as she put her hand on her forehead and started pacing back and forth.
"Seers are people who can see into the mythical world, we can see other magical creatures and our world," Twilight explained.

"But what does this have to do with me?" Sam asked.
"Seers are being hunted down and their keys taken. There are only so many of us left and our power is weak enough as it is. We need help from the mortal world to save ours and yours," Twilight continued.

"If you guys have powers, why don't you fight?" Sam asked.

"We're protectors, not fighters. The one who's going to do all the fighting is the one who bears the Dragon Stone," Prince explained, coldly.

"The Dragon Stone?" Sam asked looking at Twilight.

"Your wearing it around your neck," Twilight said.

"Did you give it to me?" Sam asked, quietly.
"I did," Prince said.

"I had him slip it into your bag when you weren't looking. He can turn into more then a dog, but that's his main form," Twilight explained. Sam started pacing even more. It was just so hard to accept that Twilight and Prince were things called Seers with magical powers and they needed her help. Magic, spells, mythical creatures and the Dragon Stone. It was just to much to take in. Suddenly a unicorn appeared from around the corner of the ally. It was the same unicorn Sam had seen by her garage. She was stunned into silence at the sight of this beautiful and magical creature. She came close enough to stroke it's neck and it let her. She turned to Twilight and Prince.
"I believe you," she said simply. As she looked closer at the unicorn, she saw a silvery fluid oozing from a wound on it's front left leg that had a white piece of cloth tied around it.

"What happened?" Sam asked as she kneeled down by the unicorns leg.

"This is Dusty and she was attacked by a demon, the same ones that are out to get us," Twilight said, sadly.

"Who would want to hurt such a beautiful creature?" Sam asked, distantly. A black shadow lingered in the back of the ally, waiting for a chance to strike. Prince suddenly tensed and turned to look directly at the shadow.

"Their here," was all he said. Twilight and Prince placed themselves between Sam and the now very large, swirling shadow.

"Who's there?" Sam asked, confused. The shadow began to take form. The form it choose was human, a boy the same age as the three others with light hair and dark eyes. He smiled wickedly and Sam knew he was evil. He turned his dark gaze upon Sam. A cold hand seemed to wrap itself around Sam's heart and her breathing quickly became labored.

"Leave her alone, Bain, she has nothing to do with this, with us," Twilight said, angrily. He turned his gaze upon Twilight, but kept the effect going on Sam.

"She has everything to do with this, she's the bearer of the Dragon Stone," Bain said, darkly.

"Then why not be a true demon and fight us instead of taking it out on a mortal you coward,

" Prince snapped, edgy. Bain smiled wickedly. He knew the two Seers were weak and would be easy prey, but they would fight to the very end to give their kind the slimmest chance for survival. He narrowed his eyes and Prince was hit with a physic blast that made him stumble back slightly. Prince smiled defiantly.

"What's the matter Bain, not as strong as you thought you were?" he taunted.

With an evil grin, Bain threw Prince against a wall and he fell limply to the ground unconscious.
Twilight stayed where she was, afraid to lose Sam if she moved. Bain grinned as he turned his glance once upon Sam who was now on her hands and knees gasping for breath. Twilight brought her hand to her mouth and with one long whistle, summoned their greatest weapon. An ear piercing high musical note rang through the small ally as a bright red and gold bird swooped in.

As it flew over Bain it raked it's gold colored talons over his right shoulder. His power over Sam instantly shattered and his wound not only bled, it spewed steam as his wound burned it's way to the bone.
With a wave of his hand, Bain turned back into shadow and was gone. The large bird made another swoop and landed on Twilight's out stretched arm.

"What happened?" Sam panted.

"Bain is a demon who can bring out your worst fears. Apparently yours is suffocating," Twilight said as she stroked the bird.

"Where did that bird come from?" Sam asked as she got to her feet.

"From our world," she answered.

"What is it exactly?" Sam wondered out loud. Twilight smiled.

"Watch," was all she said. She threw her arm up in the air and the bird took flight. The bird soared up and became transparent. It then flew right at Prince's motionless body and became a part of him. He then opened his eyes and got to his feet. Sam couldn't believe what she had just seen.

"We'll explain it someday," Prince said, laughingly.

Chapter 4

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