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UnChained SphinX


Lisa Bartley-Lacey

GREAT FATHER was a Native
& GRANDMAMA a slave
Some say I'd find "redemption"
IF only I'd behave

That's why He smoked the peacepipe
That's why she cut the cane
& tis their amalgamation
Has wrought this crop of pain

I ain't gon stand at auction
At the altar
Or on the street
White Man 'proach w/caution
Brown Sugar
Ain't so sweet

I ain't gon birth Black babies
Not for nig---s to destroy
Black boys think me crazy
Cause this Bi-ch
Won't be their toy

GREAT GRANDPA reigned in Cuba
The Great Mother was an Irish Queen
Bloodline of a bastard runs

Tis why my smoke's NOT peaceful
As old mortar burns my bones
These legacies all haunt me
As I drag these chains alone

I ain't gon wait for "masters"
With bids, whips or
Wedding ringsI'll forge my own disasters

(thank you!)

& own up to the joy
or shit it brings

Cause I ain't gon fit no stereotypes
Not on paper
Or in theory
For modern men
Yet troglodytes
Shall worship me--
Or fear me

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