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L.J. Brown

Nothing externally I feel.
Dead inside, vitality real.
An inversely related frame,
To his newly translated remains.

Why is my body imprisoned?
Unemotional I ponder,
Of itself a new misgiving.
The task ahead, my mind wanders.

Why is such suffusion expected
To bespeak love's confirmation?
Would I delight to also own
That same fervent admiration.

My tarrying unknown, drawing near
This compulsory formation.
Deemed alone, I finally joined
The whole, contemplation austere.

Fleeting glimpses, my heart inflicted.
Affection pending once unclear,
Nothing now is left to ponder.
Personal searching disappears
With involuntary ardor.

An unwelcome sight lay before,
That unfamiliar unknown shell,
Honored father wholly adored.
We offer one last farewell.

Nothing externally he feels,
Dead outside, vitality real
Unfettered, forgiven. Death stings
That which is only still living.


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