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Spell Caster


Lisa Ferrer

The black clouds are moving in 
And I sense doom, darkness, and I have fear.
Then lightning strikes, I feel the rage, 
As it's beating and tearing down my soul. 

I am helpless to the fury, the bruising and the agony.
As the rain begins, my tears emerge. 
I am helpless, blinded and cannot find
Shelter from the beast! 

My heart is pounding, my nerves are shaking. 
I'm so scared!

Thunder is booming loud! 
No one can hear my screams, 
Or my pleas for help
As lightning continues to strike.

The candle flames are dancing high 
As though they were flames
From the gates of hell. 
The bed is shaking, the windows are rattling! 

I cannot break free 
From the brutal torture! 
Thunder booms!

The deep penetration has paralysed me 
And his claws just rip through my skin.

Oh Lord, have mercy, mercy on my soul! 
What have I done to invite such horror and torment?

The rain begins to cease, the storm is quiet. 
I pull myself up from the broken bed. 
I'm battered, I'm bitten, I'm torn, 
I have been raped. 

The door slams behind me, 
The candles go out, 
Thunder booms. 
I think Satin has just left my house!

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