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Leave a Whisper


Loyd David Burt

Leave a whisper on my pillow

Send a kiss upon the breeze

Don't cry for me Oh weeping willow

Don't cry for me I beg you, please.

Send the fragrance of summer flower

To assail my senses, soothe my breast.

Bring forth the dawn at an early hour

To light up the room wherein I rest.

Leave a whisper on my pillow

So that I might hear it when you've gone.

Forgive my childish peccadillo

As you did in days bygone.

Let that whisper say, "I love you"

And that you'll forgive my tiny sin,

Let not it mar my moral virtue

For my heart is there, and yours to win.

Leave a whisper on my pillow

With the memory of the night we spent,

Where flames of passion did rise and billow

In that bed you now absent.

Misty eyed I search our love nest

To detect a sign that you were here,

I implore you with this one request,

"Leave a whisper, for me to hear."

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