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To My First Born


Larisa Lora Shvartsman

I understand that you're grown-up. 
My little girl became an adult.
I am not responsible for you from now on... 
And while I wish my daughter to live in comfort, 
your soul must choose its own destiny in the Universe.
Yet it's clear to me that to neglect my own blood 
would be wrong, because by giving gift of life 
mother cause to be depended on.

I believe that my job in raising you was 
to teach how to be strong, independent, fair, 
wise, beautiful and passionate in your soul. For you 
to be able to get along without me in this world. 
As I'm no blessing to you, if you need me to survive 
at 21 years old. I understand that you realized, 
that I am unnecessary to you anymore... 
At this moment and time you are ready to be on your own!

BLESS YOU!!! My child! 
It's one of the greatest moments in mother's life! 
You are so beautiful... I love your smile. 
It makes my day brighter. I am so proud of you! 
I LOVE YOU!!! And I know you love me too. 
I'm letting my love propel my baby into full experience 
of YOU! It is a great challenge to my spirit, mind and soul... 
Because I LOVE YOU ...

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