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Angel (duet)


Little Nikita

Iíve been looking for you so long now,

Now you just seem like a dream, far removed from reality,

Just a beautiful fantasy

Tell me what to do, how do I find you?

Iím right beside you baby, thatís me holding your hand,

You just canít see me, try and understand,

Iíve been walking every step of the way with you,

Wishing I could make your dreams come true,

Almost ready to give up, maybe you donít exist,

If only I could see just one sign,

Let me know youíre really out there, not just in my mind

Tell me what to do, how do I find you?

Iíve been with you always baby,

Itís my shoulder youíve been crying on,

Baby my arms are wrapped around you, helping you to be strong

You just canít see me, thatís why this is so wrong,

I can feel your arms around me, can feel you here right now

If only I could see you, show you I love you somehow

My heart and home is with you thatís all I know

Tell me what to do, how do I love you?

Donít you know Iím an Angel darling thatís fallen in love with you?

Angels donít fall in love, thatís something were not allowed to do.

Now the only way I can be with you, is for me to fall from grace,
And I'll do that happily whatever it takes.

Canít keep up like this, can barely carry on,

Not going to leave this in the hands of fate,

Times running out for us, donít want to sit back and wait

So tell me what to do because Iím so in love with you.

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