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Lauren Schneider

Destruction, death, deep pain in my heart
With America's military who dare start
It is people who are against our way of life
It is as if every American was cut open with a knife

My feelings towards this are so hard to explain
At times I feel speechless, breathless, full of heartache and pain
My heart contains a big empty space
I know those innocent souls are out there someplace

Anger, grief, sadness, a true test of faith is now at hand
Just how much destruction can each soul withstand?
The answer to why is what I want to know but never will
How can someone's dream be to kill?

Is there any good in this that can be found?
We see the uniqueness of America, no questioning of race, religion or background
The important thing is that we are all part of the human race
Forget all the other things like color and birthplace

The reason for immigration to America is now very clear
America is the land of freedom that is why to us it is so dear
This tragedy has taught us to appreciate the gift given to us all
That gift is life, which can be here at daybreak and gone by nightfall

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