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The Boy Who Never Was


Lauren Heeke

There was a boy who never was

The famous scientist just because

Of one decision that he made;

He never thought it'd change all his days.

So here he was, a bright young boy

Who thought he'd be cool, and gave up

His nice learning toy

Just so he could walk around 

With gang tattoos all up and down

His not-so-healthy body anymore

Choices, well there weren't many more.

No more friends, no more school,

He simply thought it would make him cool

But now his wonderful fantasy

Of becoming a scientist was no more "Maybe!

I'll even go to State University!"

All because of lots of fear

Of not impressing the worshipped leader.

For then he'd be beat, hit, and more

He'd rather not have to die on the floor.

He was forced to smoke, to steal, to fight,

And never again did his mom say, "Good night, it'll be all right."

Instead there was plenty of weeping, nasty glares,

And lots of stomping up the stairs.

There was a boy who never was

The famous scientist just because

Of one decision to join a gang

It took less than a minute,

To make his life go BANG!

The moral of the story is:

Don't take drugs or join a gang

It sure is hard is hard to find

The right kids with whom to hang.

So don't blow your life

With a horrible sacrifice

When you come across someone

That wants you to join and have some so-called 'fun'

Remember this sad story

And learn from his mistake

That all will be O.K.

If you just say, "No way!"

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