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Lisa Ferrer

An angel cast from heaven has landed at my door.
"What happened angel?" I asked. God doesnt want me anymore.
I helped her up from the ground, her wings were broken and torn, I then reached down to pick up her heavenly, golden horn.

God cast me out of heaven for committing sin with a mortal, 
Now I must suffer in the devil's flaming portal.
Its hard to be an angel, and follow the golden rule, 
When there are too many people that need my help, 
Yet so many things to do!

As the angel turns to walk away, she stops and gives me her halo. Take this, remember me, the angel cast from heaven. 
She walks on and disappears and leaves her horn behind. 
Never to fly, never to help, or arch a golden arrow. 

I have her horn, I have her halo, 
But where are her beautiful wings? 
I looked to the sky, I looked to the ground. 
Her silken white robe was all that I found.

Suddenly, the sky opens up, 
And a voice speaks down at me:
"Son, look behind you, 
For I have placed her wings upon your back!"

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