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Only Three Words


Linda Dousay

"Mrs. Whitman," he addressed me, "I am Edgar Allan Poe.
Humbly keeling, gently pleading, laying bear to you my soul.
I adore you, more I love you, and I long for your sweet breath.
Ethereal lover, say there's no other, and to me you do belong-
Ah, these words, how they do fail me - could I but burn into your soul,
all the fervor of this moment, dearest Helen, would you know?
Were the heavens to declare to mortal man his destiny,
our two names you'd see entwined from now through all eternity.
We are one in mind and body. I repeat dear, we are one-
As we walked beneath the shadows in the valley of lost souls,
with bitter tears, I did implore you, giving you my all and all.
Sweetest Helen, say you love me- Would you have me live and die,
love, live and die this day unheard? Say those three words-
only three words-" So, I whispered to him only, "Edgar Allan Poe."

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