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Soundless Words


Larisa Lora Shvartsman

God requires not 
to see with His eyes, be like Him or to follow. 
God opens the door, inviting each soul into His world.
It's up to us to choose to walk in, to become 
or to pass by. Up to us... 
God loves us regardless of our choice. There is more. 
You can pass by today, yet it is never too late 
to walk in thru the door of His Kingdom. 

Feel God's embrace the very moment you choose. 
Only thing is, God will not make you choose. 
Yet He talks to each soul with soundless words. 
When you choose... 
Open your soul, close your eyes, let you be... 
Not thinking, just be in the ocean of warmth. 
Be in the warmth of His light.
Don't look for the darkness behind closed eyes. 

Look for the light. Bright light, 
that reminds of the fireworks on the Fourth of July.
Watch the sparkles flying around and up! 
Watch the stars... 
Through the soul feel The Touch. 
God's love will rise you above every tear, every fear. 
They are so small from above... 
When you are in God's embrace.

It is then you will see through the sunsets, 
it is then will you hear through songs 
God's soundless words 
of His Purpose 
for placing you into this Universe. 
For you to re-member that life is given for joy. 
Life is joy, when you follow God's path on Earth. 
All you need is desire to hear God's soundless words. 

Close your eyes every now and then 
to feel God embracing your soul.
You will feel so warm in the soul. 
Feel the need to share that warmth with others. 
Pass on the knowledge. 
It will make you stronger. 
It will make you more...
Be more... Be all...

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