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Heidi Yang

Why do I miss you so much?
You should be home soon
Then why do I feel so empty inside?
Weíve only been going out for a few months
But sometimes all I can think about is you,
Why do I care about you so much?
I guess thatís just the way I am,
Sometimes I donít care what happens and other times
Iím so scared something bad will happen
Why do I feel so damn depressed?
Itís not fair, why did this have to happen?
I just want you here, to hold you in my arms again
Instead I am forced to wait,
I can only hope that you will be home soon
That I can stop worrying so damn much
That one day these feelings will only be a memory,
What am I supposed to do?
My friends and I can pray for you
That doesnít seem like enough
It will have to work for now
I remember the good times we had
I have to be content with hearing your voice
I canít help but worry no matter what they say
Itís only then I know
I love you and Iíll stay

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