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Heidi Yang

Part 2:Reconciliation

I feel the need to get rid of all this pain
Lest it ear me apart inside and consume my soul
Much like Islidorís heir I struggle with my destiny, the heritage I hate, and the person Iíve become
Marching to war in Mordor
against the powerful Suaron
we fight for our country, our lives, and our souls
This seems like an epic battle
seems so real,
Butís it all in my twisted overactive imagination
that I put forth my swordsmanship (disguised as a man! ) and defeat the enemy.
I do not fight Suaron alas my foe is greater than he
It is the Son of Satan I seek
He who causes such grief and pain
The one who forced me to hurt my once true love,
I will not rest until I find him, bring him down, and smite him.
For if it is anyone Iím willing to take down with me it is you.
Sadly, this will never be enough to reconcile the differences between you and I
We have caused too much damage and destruction in each othersí lives to ever make them whole,
or have we?
Perhaps I was right about you all along
You are noble, kind, fair, and just like the mighty King Aragorn
you will one day rule over the world of video games and such,
When you become that man I know you were destined to be
please say you wonít forget the lovely girl who was once your Ayrwen (minus the ears and the eternal life of course)
We may never love again
Perhaps like them we can reconcile our differences and become not true lover! s
but the best thing of all,
true friends.

Part 3

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