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Heidi Yang

Despite the fact youíre gone now, I still have the memories of you
Memories of you and me
Memories of your voice, how you made me laugh, and the places where we used to hang out haunt me,
Itís still kind of weird with you gone, because in a way youíre still here
I donít see you every day, or talk with you constantly on the phone
Yet I know where you live, and I know I can call you if I want to talk
But itís not the same,
Every time I call you, all I get is your answering machine
I havenít talked to you for at least a couple of months
Rachel wondered if you got evicted, I said no,
Why would you be?
Your answering machine still works, and I know itís your voice
But if youíre still here, then why donít you return my calls?
I assume itís because youíre busy, or you are eating dinner
I donít like to consider the fact that you may have forgotten me, or that you donít care,
But I tell myself no, you care, and I'm sure you have memories of me too
In fact I bet our memories are the same in some places,
Yet it seems thatís the only thing we share
But in a way thatís good, because I know we havenít forgotten each other,
I know now that we remember each other through these memories

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