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Falling Blood Stars


Heidi Yang

One night I drew a picture
The picture was half black and half dark blue
Black being the earth and blue being the darkening sky
For some reason I put red dots in the picture
I called them falling blood stars
The red was supposed to represent stars falling to the ground, their lives over
Having finally exploded they had to explode and their fragments scatter into space but these stars scatter to our very own little planet,
Falling blood stars
Why red you may ask
Well it was just a drawing I don't know why
Maybe because I was disappointed today because of my friends
It seemed like the millionth time this had happened
Didn't seem fair to me at all
Wanted to put the blame on someone else
But it didn't fall on anyone
Not really, "You were just disappointed," my mom told me
Well mom you are not me
Maybe you are wrong, but then again maybe you are right
Why me damn it what the Hell did I do to deserve this?
I didn't do anything, neither did they, at least I don't think they did
Yet I am here once again seeing blood red falling stars in my mind
Waiting and hoping that Adam will call
Wishing that someone would tell me what the Hell happened to my whole day
Wishing someone had called earlier and told me we couldn't get together
No one did
That's okay, really I don't mind, I'm just a person I can rise above this I'll be okay, right?
Wrong, dammit you are so fuckin' wrong it's not even funny
Why are you wrong innocent and unknowing reader?
I will tell you that I am only a young girl of 18 and I still don't understand if God truly does take of everything
In fact I know he doesn't
It's just a simple, sad, and scary fact of life
Life takes care of itself
Life can give you lemonade but not without lemons, life can help you when you're down but more often than not
In my world it seems that life always wants to give me something else
Life always wants to wreck my life
Life seems to always to give me blood-red falling stars.

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