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Heidi Yang

Iím so sick of you
Your lies and half truths as have sickened me,
I hate you
Your excuses have left me with nothing
But empty promises
These nights alone
Have left me cold and crying
In my sleep
It is all your fault
Why do you insist on treating me this way?
You know the golden rule
You canít even say "I love you."
But Iíve given you time
Time enough for me to see whatís really going on
To see you are a coward
That you donít really love me
If you did you wouldnít come up with your pathetic excuses
You wouldnít have to lie and give half truths out like theyíre fucking candy
If I was gone would you be happy?
I hope so because today is the day it all ends
Right here, right now,
You have a choice,
Itís either me or your life
I know that sounds mean but I tried
Tried to give you a chance to include me in your life
But you wouldnít listen
You donít really care
You say you donít mean it
But I think you do
You hate me just as much as I hate you
Thatís fine
Then perhaps we should have never gone out
Because now I know you are not for me
I canít stand you and your stupid jokes anymore
Your carelessness sickens me
You sicken me
I hate you
I really do
And Iím leaving you.


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