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It's Only a Dream


Heather Donovan 

I once thought how it would feel to dream my greatest fear.

The wind beneath me, my feet as light as air.

Looking down at the people, the city, the water's edge.

Hoping someone will see me before I go over the ledge.

My fingertips cold and shaking.

My heart beating full of fear.

What will I do if I can't get out of here?

The tension rising, the ground beneath me, disappearing.

"It's only a dream" I cry as I become more afraid.

I wish I had someone to guide me, that could help me through this day.

Hours have passed, sweat dripping off my forehead.

I sigh as I wonder when this will end.

Oh! If I only had a friend.

The sky rising rapidly, above me the angels sing.

For they have heard my cry for help and heard every single yelp.

They lift me up, higher and higher as they go.

Taking me to a place where no one else will go.

The light above me, bright and happy.

Joyful sounds emerging everywhere.

Oh hooray, hooray! For this is the place I've been dreaming of.

No evil, no sorrow, no fear of shadows in sight.

An angel's hand reaching for mine, waiting for me to follow.

They lead me back to my bedroom, where nothing can go wrong.

My eyes open, a smile widens across my face, for I have no fear to go back 
to that place. 

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