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Jake's Dad


Heidi Yang

Author’s Note:

Now you probably already know that this book is about someone’s dad.  However you probably didn’t know what this guy’s dad was like.  Or what the dad’s family was like and what it would become; or what their friends were, or what this dad’s life was like for that matter.  My point is what this book is about.  I hope you gain a greater understanding of a certain subject. I also hope you know what to do if it ever happens.

I hope you enjoy my book.


Heidi Yang


Chapter 1


Now you all have a father out there somewhere, now you’ll know about one more.  That’s Jake’s dad, he’s not like most dads.  You’ll see why.  Jake is his only son and he has a wife, her name is Colleen.  I guess you’re probably wondering why Jake’s dad is so special.  Well I’ll tell you, but it’s not a nice secret.  Jake’s dad is special because he abuses his family.  See, I told you it wasn’t a nice secret.  You may ask what they’ve done about it.  Well to tell you the truth they haven’t done anything.  I know you may say, “Well how come?”  Their reason is because they don’t want anybody to know. 

Well most people would think it would be they don’t.  Unfortunately this problem hasn’t solved itself and people and it hasn’t lessened.  Just how bad is it?  I’ll tell you but after I do I think you’ll wish you had never asked.  You may think, ‘Now that’s just silly, it can’t be that bad.’  But you would be wrong, it can be that bad.  Jake’s dad never liked Jake that much in the first place.  As for Colleen, Jake’s dad did love her but he didn’t show it much later on life.  At first Jake’s dad didn’t drink much and it didn’t affect him much.  Then he started drinking more and more.  That started to affect how he acted and how he thought.

Finally it got so bad that Jake’s dad was drinking almost every day.  That really affected his actions and his thoughts.  So much in fact that his family became wary of him and didn’t hang around the house as much.  Jake seemed to be okay about it, even though it wasn’t a problem to be okay about.  As for Jake’s mom she seemed not to want to do anything about the problem.  Even though it was taking quite a toll on their family.  Just how big of a toll Jake and his mom would discover one dark night.


Chapter 2


One night Jake’s dad came home and Jake could tell he had been drinking.  Jake’s dad was rather aggressive that day, even before he had started drinking.  Jake figured today wouldn’t be a good day to discuss his problem at school. ‘It wasn’t really that bad,’ Jake thought.  Unfortunately Jake’s dad got a call from the school.  Not only was it from the school but it was from the principal.  When he heard what happened at school Jake’s dad flew into quite a rage. 

Jake tried to tell him that it was only an accident but that only made it worse.  Jake’s dad said, “It wasn’t an accident and if you keep telling me otherwise I’ll have to do something drastic.”  Jake didn’t realize just how much dad meant that, so he kept trying to convince him that it was an accident. 

That’s when Jake’s dad exploded and came after Jake with his pocket knife.  Jake ran out of the house screaming and kept running until he couldn’t run anymore.  When his dad finally caught up with him he just about plunged his knife into Jake’s chest.  Jake said, “Dad, you don’t know what you’re doing, if you do this you’ll regret it.”  His dad didn’t listen and plunged the knife deep into Jake’s chest.  His dad stood up breathing heavily and looked down at Jake.  He was very angry but he didn’t care much about what he had done.  He pulled his pocket knife out of Jake’s chest.  Then he started

walking back to the house without even looking back. Jake moaned and said, “Dad wait.”  His dad stopped and turned, giving Jake a cold look, “If you want to know why I did that it’s because I hate your guts.”  He turned and continued walking back to the house.  Jake was left lying there wondering why his dad was acting so strangely and why he had hurt him. When Jake finally made it back to the house it was dark and very late.  His mom came running out of the house and practically shoved Jake into the car. 

Jake could see his mom was obviously very worried about him and didn’t want him to argue.  When they pulled up to the hospital Jake’s mom dragged him out of the car and into the emergency room.  There where a bunch of people waiting there.  His mom explained everything while Jake stood there stunned, feeling like he might faint.  Suddenly he felt very dizzy and fell to the floor, then everything went black.

When Jake woke up again but was in a hospital bed in a room painted white and his mom was looking at him anxiously.  She said,

“I’m so glad you’re all right honey.”

“I’m sorry if I scared you mom,” Jake said apologetically.

“That’s all right, when your father came home without you I was worried and when you showed up bleeding like that I almost lost it.”

“I don’t blame you.”

“Is what your father said true?”

“What did he say?”

“He said that he stabbed you in the chest with his pocket knife.” his mom said grimly.

“Yes, it’s true.”

 “But why would he do such a thing?”

“I don’t know I’m still trying to figure that out.”

“Well I hope you feel better, I’m going to go home now.” his mom said and then she left.

The next day Jake’s dad came to visit him.  He said he was really sorry.  Somehow Jake didn’t think he really meant it.  Then Jake asked him about what he had said. His dad said,

“I guess I should tell you how I really feel about you.”

“What do you mean?” Jake asked frowning.

“Well, I don’t really love you that much.” his dad said with a sigh.

“You’re kidding right?” Jake asked laughing.

 “Well no, see Jake before you came along my relationship with your mom was different.”

“Well sure but what difference does that make?”

“I felt she loved me more before she had you.”

“You’re saying you’re jealous of her love for me?”


“I can’t believe this!”

“I know, but that’s how I really feel I just thought

you should know.”

“I almost wish I didn’t.” Jake replied grimly. 

His dad left and his mom came in.  Jake told her what his dad had said and she could believe it either.  “I know he wasn’t too happy when I had when I had you but I had no idea this was how strongly he felt!” his mom exclaimed.

“I think he might have tried to kill me.” Jake said, his face serious.

“Now let’s not jump to conclusions Jake your father does get violent but he would never try to kill you.” his mom said trying to reassure her son.

“Well now I’m not so sure.”

After a couple of days Jake got out of the hospital.  But now he was even more wary around his dad because of the way his dad felt towards him.  Jake’s dad felt the same way, whenever it was possible he would beat Jake for no reason.  Jake knew his dad didn’t like him but he didn’t his dad wanted him dead.  But he would have a different opinion after one awful encounter with him.  His dad had been especially hostile to Jake the last few days. 

He never seemed to want to do anything Colleen said.  One day while Colleen was gone Jake’ dad came upstairs to Jake’s room and said,

“I want to talk to you.”  He seemed very serious about it. 

There was a sort coldness in his eyes that Jake hadn’t seen since the night his dad had stabbed him.  When Jake came downstairs his dad attacked him from behind.  Jake wasn’t expecting it and tried to fling him off.  His dad managed to wrestle him to the floor and then he pulled out his pocket knife.  Jake had the feeling that his dad wanted him gone, and not gone like as in leaving the house.  Jake could see a terrible evilness in his dad’s eyes that he had never seen before.  His dad said,

“I never liked you much and now I’ll never have to know you were even here.” 

With that he raised the knife up in the air and prepared to slit Jake’s throat.  Jake rolled away from his just in time.  His dad chased him out of the house, Jake ran into the forest near their house.  Jake ran and didn’t he look back.  He knew now that his dad did want to kill him.  He just hoped he could survive to tell his mom the terrible news.

When Jake’s dad finally caught up with him Jake knew that he had to think fast.  Jake’s dad tried to stab him in his back and came very close.  Jake kept running farther and farther into the forest.  He kept running even though his legs felt like lead.  Jake’s dad was faster though and a lot stronger.  Jake’s dad finally passed him and attacked Jake again.  He managed to wrestle to the ground and this time he pulled out from his pocket not a knife but a small, black, shiny gun.  Jake gasped, he tried to scream but his dad covered his mouth with his hand. 

“Don’t fight me now it’ll only make it worse.” his dad whispered. 

Jake shoved his dad’s hand off and screamed as loud as he could.  “Shut your mouth, someone will hear you!” his dad whispered fiercely.

“That was my point.” Jake said with a sly smile.

“Well it won’t do you any good anyway, you’ll be dead by the time anyone finds you.” his dad said with a sinister laugh. 

Then he cocked the gun and pointed it at Jake’s head.  Barely daring to breathe Jake tried to push the gun away, but his dad kept bringing it back to his head.  Jake had never thought this could happen to him.  This was the kind of thing that only happened in the movies wasn’t it?  But Jake knew he was wrong and he also knew that he was going to die.  He would never forget the feeling of that gun against his skull.  The gun was extremely cold and seemed to be boring into his skull without any bullet hitting his head.  What was even more scary was the look on his dad’s face.  His face was twisted into an evil sneer like he was about to become some big hero. 

He kept laughing, an evil sinister laugh.  He wanted Jake to never forget the night he died.  Jake was really scared, when he thought of dying he had never thought of it like this.  Finally his dad pressed the gun into Jake’s head.  It was really painful, his dad said,

“Say your prayers Jake, hope you had a nice life.” 

It was then that Jake knew he wasn’t dreaming and that he would never see his family or friends again.  He would never know what it was like to become an adult.  Instead he was going to die.  Not just die but his father was going to pull the trigger on him, and he was only 17 years old.  Then his dad pulled the trigger, Jake heard a noise that was so deafening that he thought someone had fired a cannon in his ears.  Then everything went black. When Jake woke up he was in the hospital with his mom looking over him.  “I’m so glad you’re not dead.” his mom said with relief.

“So am I.”

“What happened?”

“Okay, I thought dad wanted to talk to me and then he chased me into the forest and then he shot me.”

“But why would John do something like that?” his mom asked worriedly.

“I don’t know but I’m pretty sure he wants me dead mom.”

“He couldn’t possibly want that, John’s just not like that.” his mom said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Yes he could have, it doesn’t seem possible but it is.”

“But I thought John loved us, especially you.”

“So did I but now I know he hates me.”

“Now that’s just silly, besides you don’t have any proof!”

“No, but I was there mom, I was his victim, and I could tell he wanted me gone.”

“Well what did he say?”

“He said he was jealous of me.”

“What do you mean?”

“He thought you gave me more love than you should’ve.”

“Now that’s ridiculous you’re just making that up.”

“No I’m not if you’re so doubtful ask him.”

“I think I will and I’ll prove this is all nonsense. ”his mom said sternly and walked off.

Well she did ask him, and this is what he said, “It’s true.”

“But that’s just ridiculous John he’s your son how could you want him dead?”

“I told you I was jealous that’s all there is to it.”

“But why?  I love you both and you ought to love him too.”

“Why should I change my mind Colleen? Give me one good reason.”

“I guess I don’t have one.” Colleen replied quietly.

“That’s what I thought.” John said with a smug look on his face.  Colleen still couldn’t believe what she had heard.  How could it possible for someone to be

jealous of their own family?  Colleen didn’t know just how serious they both were until she witnessed something she wished she never had. Jake got out of the hospital a few days and his dad didn’t seem to care.  In fact he seemed more angry if anything.  His mom didn’t seem to notice anything had changed but Jake had.  He had an uneasy feeling that his dad would stop at nothing to make sure he was dead.

One night Jake’s dad said, “You know I want you dead and I think now would be a good time.”

“I think you’re not considering the consequences. ”Jake said his expression serious.

“Oh I know the consequences, but you’ll be long gone and that in itself will be enough for me.” Jake’s dad said with an evil smile.

“Fine, but you’ll have to catch me first.” Jake said and with that started running toward the forest. 

His dad sprinted ahead of him.  Jake kept running even though he knew his dad was probably going to ambush him later on.  He was right, not long after he had been running Jake stopped to rest.  His dad attacked him and tried to kill him.

Meanwhile Colleen drove up to the house.  It was quite late and no one seemed to be home.  Colleen figured they were out late and decided to wait for them.  She waited and waited and waited some more.  But no car came up to the drive and it was then that Colleen noticed something.  John’s car was there but he wasn’t anywhere to be found.  Jake had left his backpack in the living room but he wasn’t there either.  Colleen remembered what they had said, that Jake’s dad had wanted him dead.  Colleen got up and ran out the door toward the forest.  She hoped her worst fears weren’t true.

When Colleen reached the clearing she saw that her worst nightmare had come true.  John was standing over Jake and he was lying there not moving.  Colleen almost screamed but she managed to stop herself.  Now she knew the horrible truth.  Jake’s dad did want his son dead and would stop at nothing until he was.  Colleen ran to them but she was too late, or so she thought. 

John turned and saw her, he said, “Well now you know it’s true.” and then started walking home.  Colleen stared in horror at her son.  He wasn’t moving and she thought he was dead.  She could he had been stabbed several times.  Colleen started to cry, she tried to wipe the tears away, but she couldn’t.  Her son was dead and she hadn’t been able to do anything about it.  Fortunately Jake wasn’t dead, when Colleen found out he wasn’t she rushed him to the emergency room.  When Colleen got home she was very angry with her husband.  She now knew that what Jake had been trying to tell her was indeed true.  Her husband didn’t seem to care that Jake was in the hospital.

“Well I guess you know it’s true.” he said with a shrug.

“Yes I do and you are an awful man for wanting your son to die.” Colleen said coldly.

“Well yes, but if you’re so concerned then why don’t you do something about it?” he said with a sneer.

“I think this time I will.” Colleen said quietly.

She picked up the phone and reported her own husband to the police.  John was quite surprised but he didn’t even seem to care that he was going to jail.  Colleen figured it was probably because he thought Jake was going to die.  But he wasn’t, if he had survived one injury then he could survive another. The next day Colleen went to visit Jake in the hospital.  She told him about what she had done about his dad. 

“Well I’m glad you finally took some action.” Jake said with relief.

“I just couldn’t take it anymore he’s gone too far.”

“That’s putting mildly mom.” Jake said with a smile.

“Well yes, but you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I'm just glad he’s not going to be near us again.”  Little did they know that Jake’s dad would stop at nothing to see Jake dead.

As it happened Jake’s dad managed to escape from jail and tried to kill Jake again.  Finally Jake couldn’t take it anymore.  He ran off and didn’t come back for five days.  His dad got put in jail with more security to guard him.

One day Jake happened to notice a barn he hadn’t seen before.  There didn’t seem to be too many people working there.  Jake asked them what they’re were doing and they said,

“We’re running a horse stable what does it look like?!”

“Sorry I asked.” Jake said apologetically.

“No that’s okay I just got annoyed when people ask stupid questions.” the guy said.

“What’s your name anyway?”

“I’m Mark, I kind of run this place.”

“Oh, well I’m Jake, I was just wondering what this place was, no one’s used it for quite awhile.”

“Well now we’re using it.”

“I can see that.”

“Well do you want to learn how to ride?”

“Maybe, but I don’t know anything about horses.”

“Well you can learn.”

“Yeah I suppose I could.”

“So do you want to ride a horse or not?”

“I guess I’ll give it a try.”

“Okay, just let me know what your parents say.”

“Okay, I guess I’ll see you around.”

“Yeah.”  Jake thought he was being stupid, his parents would never agree to let him do this. 

His dad definitely wouldn’t but what did he care anyway?  He wanted to kill him he didn’t care what Jake did in his spare time.  Jake asked his mom about it and she actually said yes.  Jake told Mark and Mark agreed sign him up for lessons.  Jake was actually excited about something.  It had been a long time since he had learned something new.  His first lesson was supposed to be on Monday.  His mom was actually happy that he was trying something new for a change.

Monday rolled around and Jake went to his lesson.  It was a bit awkward at first but eventually Jake got the hang of it.  The horse he rode was a big bay horse.  Jake learned how to groom a horse and how to tack one up.  When Mark asked him to stick around after his lesson Jake said he could.  Jake tacked up the next horse and groomed them too.  Mark said, “Well you’re doing a pretty good job.”


“Do you want to help with the lesson horses?”

“Sure, I don’t really have anything better to do.”

“Okay, why don’t you get out Ben then, that horse on the right over there.”  Jake grabbed Ben’s halter and lead then opened the stall door. 

“Hi Ben are you ready for your lesson?” Jake asked the big copper brown horse. 

Ben just sighed heavily.  Jake put him in the cross-ties and groomed him.  Then he tacked him up with a snaffle bit and an English saddle.  Then Jake led the big horse into the arena.  Mark helped the young girl onto the horse and Jake went back for another horse.  He noticed a lesson schedule on the wall near the office. 

He looked at Monday.  The next horse he was supposed to get out was Julia, a big bay horse. Jake led Julia out of her stall and groomed her and tacked her up.  Mark had said that Julia was an Arabian.  Jake had heard that Arabians were very skittish, Julia however seemed to be very calm.  He figured that some horses were different from what most people thought of them. Just like his family, well sort of.  Jake didn’t have many friends at school. 

He hadn’t told them about what his dad was like, he didn’t really want to.  Jake didn’t want their sympathy.  Little did he know that his friends would be able to help him.  Jake wondered what it was like to have a normal family, of course he didn’t know.  Jake was glad he hadn’t told any adults.  They probably would have told him to go see a counselor or psychiatrist.  Jake certainly didn’t want to see anybody about his dad’s problem.

By the time Jake got home it was quite late.  His mom had been quite worried but when he told her that he had been at the barn she calmed down a little.  Jake told her that he had a job there, sort of.  She was glad that he had something useful to do in his spare time.  Jake was glad he had something else to do, it would keep his mind off o f his dad.  Fortunately his dad was still in jail and hadn’t been able to escape.

The next day after school Jake headed down to the barn to work.  Mark seemed glad to see him.  Jake got to work immediately.  It wasn’t much of a job but it kept him busy.  Jake hadn’t really had a chance to meet anybody else who worked there until today.  He met a boy named Jeff who seemed nice but Jake felt like he had something he was hiding.  When Jake asked him about it he didn’t reply.  “What makes you think that anyway?” Jeff asked with a scowl.

“I don’t know, I just thought you had a secret you didn’t want to tell anybody.” Jake said casually.

“What makes you think I’d tell you what it was?”

“I don’t know, I’m pretty good at keeping secrets.”

“What makes you say that?” Jeff asked frowning.

“I guess it’s because I happen to have a secret too.”

“Well if you promise not tell anybody I’ll tell you what it is.”

“Okay, I ‘ll tell you if you promise not to tell anybody.”


“So what’s your secret?”

“My dad has an abusive parent.”

“Well guess what, I have a dad that’s in jail for trying to kill me.” Jake said with a weak laugh.

“That’s nothing to laugh at.”

“I know.”

“But why would want to kill you?” Jeff asked suspiciously.

“He was jealous of me.”

“Jealous of you?” Jeff asked in surprise.

“Yeah, he thought my mom should pay more attention to him instead of me.”

“Well that’s just stupid.”

“No kidding, that’s why my mom didn’t believe me at first.”

“What made her believe you?”

“She saw my dad trying to kill me.”

“Oh I see, that’s too bad.”

“Yeah, but he’s in jail and he can’t escape again either.”

“You mean he escaped?!” Jeff asked incredulously.

“Yes and he tried to kill me again.”

“Wow, I guess he’s pretty determined.”

“Yeah, too determined.”

“Well my dad just found out the man he thought was

his dad isn’t.”

“Well then who is he?”

“His brother.”

“That’s strange.”

“Yeah but it’s better that way I guess.”

“Yeah I guess.” Jake said. “I guess I’d better get back to work.”

“Yeah me too.” Jeff replied going back to cleaning stalls.  Jake was surprised that it actually felt good to be able to share his secret with someone. 

At least he wasn’t the only one who knew.  He felt better now that there was someone to talk to if he needed to.  Jake got out the next horse a big brown horse named Brownie. Jake groomed Brownie and tacked her up.  He led Brownie out the arena and left to get the next horse.

The next day when Jake got home from school he found someone unexpected in the house; it was his dad.  He turned to leave but his dad grabbed him by the shoulder and yanked him back into the kitchen.  Jake’s dad was not in a good mood and he took most of his anger out on Jake.  Jake didn’t make it to work that day.  Or the next day, or the next.  He couldn’t bring himself to go to work looking like he had just gone through hell and not have a reason for it.  Finally on the fourth day Jake went to work.  When Mark asked him where he’d been Jake just said he had been sick.  When Jeff saw him he knew what had really happened.  When Jake got to work he didn’t really feel like talking to anybody.

During his break Jake found Jeff waiting outside the stable for him.  “Let’s talk.” he said without saying why he wanted to.

“Why, there’s nothing to talk about.” Jake protested.

“Oh yes there is.” Jeff said quietly.

“No there isn’t.”

“Look I know your father got out of jail and beat you up, whether you’re willing to admit that or not is your choice not mine!”

“Okay so there might something to talk about but what if I don’t want to talk about it.” Jake replied indignantly.

“God you’re so stubborn and hard headed, you can’t even admit that you’ve got a dysfunctional family!”

“I don’t have a dysfunctional family!”

“Oh really, then you tell me what you call someone who has a dad who wants to kill his son?”

“Okay so maybe I do, but why should you care?”

“You know if you weren’t so stupid you’d see I’m trying to be your friend!”

“Oh well I guess I didn’t think of it that way.”

“No you certainly didn’t.”

“Well fine then if you want to talk we can talk.”

“Good, so what happened?”

“My dad was at my house when I got home from school a couple days ago and he wouldn’t let me leave the house without trying to kill me first.”

“I see, I thought he couldn’t escape anymore.”

“Well he’s pretty good at that I guess.”

“I guess, so I’m assuming that’s the real reason you didn’t come to work?”

“Yeah, it is.”

“Now was that really so hard?” Jeff teased.

“No I guess not.”

“Next time don’t make such a big deal out of it.”

“I’ll try not to.”  Then Jake went back to work.  He knew he should be glad someone cared about his problems. 

But he didn’t want sympathy but he figured he Jeff wasn’t trying to be sympathetic. When Jake was finished with the horses he was walking to his car when someone attacked him from behind.  Jake could tell that it was his dad.  He knew that his dad would try to kill him again.  Jake knew that his dad would stop at nothing until he was dead.  His dad chased him into the forest but this time the race was short. Jake’s dad tried to shoot him again but Jake fought him and he finally gave up.  Or so Jake thought instead his dad waited until Jake had let his guard down.  Then his dad tried to shoot him in the head.

Meanwhile Jeff had noticed Jake running into the forest.  He decided to go into the woods and investigate.  When he reached the clearing he saw that Jake’s dad was trying to kill him again.

“Leave him alone.” Jeff said.

“Who are you and what do you want?!” Jake’s dad said angrily to the blonde-haired stranger.

“I’m Jake’s friend and I said leave him alone.” Jeff replied firmly.

“No, I’m going to kill him if it’s the last thing I do.” Jake’s dad retorted.

“Not if I can help it.” Jeff said and then lunged in Jake’s dad direction.

“Jeff don’t do that!” Jake exclaimed in horror.  But it was too late,

Jeff and his dad were already locked into a fight.  His dad knew he had still a gun and he wasn’t afraid to use it.  He shot Jeff in the chest and then tried to shoot at Jake.  But Jake had been smart and had run back to the barn.  He called the police and told them what happened. The police arrived in minutes and arrested Jake’s dad again for another attempted murder and assault. 

Jake wasn’t happy, this time his dad had not only tired to kill him but he had shot Jeff just to try get rid of him. When Jake finally got home that night his mom was worried.  Jake told her what happened, she was pretty angry.  “I can believe he tried to kill you again!” she exclaimed.

“Well he’s not going to stop until he does kill me.” Jake replied calmly.

“I know, that’s the unfortunate part.” his mom said fiercely. 

Jake wasn’t happy either, he knew his dad would escape again and until Jake was dead his dad wouldn’t stop trying to kill him. The next time his dad tried to kill Jake pretended he was dead but it didn’t work.  His dad tried to kill him again and this time when his dad got arrested he was sent to a another state that had the death penalty.  His dad didn’t get the death penalty but if he tied to kill Jake again he would get it.

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