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Terra Firma


Henry Igbinedion

Caressed at night
By the moonís gentle beams
Hugged warmly at noon
By the Sunís infinite fluorescence
It floats endlessly
Piloted by the Makerís unseen hand

Irrigated by the enduring waters
Of her travelling Rivers, and
Nourished by the watery presence
Of the Pacific and the Atlantic

This is our home
Bathed periodically
In the silvery liquid
From the lordís fountain and
Blanketed by Amazonian greenery.

This is our home
From which we roam
Into which we have dug a hole

Cratered by the opulent peaks
Of the Everest
Of the Kilimanjaro; and
Of the icebergs

This is our world
The habitat of the Madinkas
The refuge of the Caucasians
And the domicile of all Orientals

This is our world
Martyred for the cause of greed, and
Harvesting a punctured roof as epitaph

This is our home.
Like rabid dogs, we have
Devoured her insides and
Ripped to shreds her Amazonian blanket.

This is our world today.

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