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I Would



Hiya l'bug:

I would smile at your pretty face, 
I would whistle at the way you walk, 
I would swoon over those sexy glamour pics, 
I would send you a warm and friendly email, 
I would wish you a fun day, 
I would ask you for a slow dance, 
I would give you a warm hug, 
I would take you out for coffee, 
I would send you a flirting e-card, 
I would tease you with some of my pics, 
I would ask you out for a soda at the drive-in, 
I would massage your sore aching shoulders, 
I would buy you flowers, 
I would open doors for you, 
I would wink at you from across the room, 
I would try to be a gentleman, 
I would shower you with kisses, 
I would give you a piggy-back ride in the park, 
I would call you on the phone, 
I would include you in my wildest fantasy, 
I would leave you a sticky note to say "I Love You" everywhere! 

I love you t'bear

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