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The Car


Heidi Yang

There once was a boy I knew,
He was funny, sweet, and caring
And a good friend.
This boy I knew liked cars, whether they were old or new
I noticed, being an observant friend, that he liked model cars too
and liked to make cars in shop class.
Once he told me he had a car, one that was red,
I thought that was cool, and that he was happy too
Itís not often a boy gets his own car.
This car was in my dreams once,
But the scene wasnít pretty, no, it was quite terrifying
A terrible dream made up by my overactive imagination
One I couldnít seem to get out of my mind
A dream that worried me.
In this dream the red car was being driven down a winding road
By this boy I knew, but something wasnít right,
He was swerving, and he was drunk.
The car was going too fast, and suddenly the boy careened
around a curve up ahead,
And smashed the red car into a telephone pole.
In my dream I was there, but I was like a ghost;
I saw everything that had happened.
The boy lay unconscious, the car horn blaring,
He was bleeding badly, and then I realized with horror
that my friend was dead.
The police came and so did the ambulance
I tried to scream, tried to yell, but couldnít
Instead I just cried.
I cursed the car you had driven,
Fortunately, it all went away one sunny afternoon
When I told you what was on my mind,
Now I donít think about that anymore.
Instead I wonder what will happen to that car
When it drives away from this high school, one last time.
How can I ever say good-bye to you?
I just have to remember the boy I once knew
And that I have to take a chance, I have to give something to you,
I wonít see you leave in your red car
Despite that you told me once you didnít have it anymore,
But I will still picture it in my mind,
The car that took you to and from school, and drove you through life.
This car will lead you down a different path, maybe to college
Or a job,
This little red car, will be one of my few reminders of you
Iíll always remember you my friend,
Your laugh, your carefree attitude, the way you made me smile.
Last year when you were there for me, no matter what happened,
Even when I thought Iíd lost you,
I found you were still my friend, that you had really never left.
I always remember your stupid jokes, they always made me laugh,
All the good times we shared will never be forgotten,
It will still be hard to say good-bye, no matter how I look at it.
This boy I once knew, who is sweet, funny, and caring
I just want this boy to know this,
I will never, ever forget you
And yes, I will miss you
I hope you will be successful in whatever you do,
I remember you once told me you wanted to take care of old people,
I think that sounds good.
I just want to know one thing,
Will he remember me?
Only he knows the answer to my question
And if he does forget me,
I just want him to know, that Iíll be fine.
The car he had, that was red, will still be in my mind when he leaves
and drives off into the sunset to a new future.
When he leaves for the last time, I want him to know this,
That you will always be here with me in spirit,
And I want to thank you, for everything youíve done for me.
There once was a boy I knew,
This boy I knew liked cars, whether they were old or new...

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