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These Visions


Heidi Yang

These visions never leave my mind
They haunt me night and day
But especially at night
I can't sleep
It's all your fault
Or is it?
Why can't I just leave well enough alone?
Why can't I just love you for who you are?
I don't know why,
I don't know why these visions torture me
Every time I try to close my eyes
They surface
Visions of us together
You making me cry
You're hurting me
Or else I scream and yell
Hurting you
Making our relationship sore
These visions won't leave
I try to make them go away
Please make them stop
Tell me everything will be okay
That you will always be there
That you love me
Why do I wreck everything I touch?
I'm such a pessimist,
Why can't I just let this be?
Why do I torture myself
With these visions?
These visions
Will they ever
Or will I be lost forever
Crying out in pain and anguish
Left waiting for you to come and rescue me
When I know you might never come
Please help me,
Save me from these visions
From myself.

These Visions 12/16/05

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