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The Coming Rebirth


Henry Igbinedion

There are
No more men left in the land
Ghosts now trod our land
Doing at will, their eerie dance.

From our hiding places
We heard their weird songs,
The symphony of the boots of brutes
Truth and justice fled the land.

There are no men left in the streets,
Tin-hatted Green men
Desolate our land,
Choking in their wake
Freedom and liberty.

Not a man is left in our land, as
Inebriated youth stampede the elders,
And giddy with madness,
The un-initiated now seek
Libations from the gods.

Fewer people still in our towns.
Who will sing their dirges?
Who will extol the memories?
Of those who fought for truth
Those who died for freedom
Those maimed and blinded by traitors?

Their memories will ignite
The fiery flames of our fury…fury
To thaw the vice cold grip of the
Iron mongers

Then and only then
Will freedom walk the Earth
And lean liberty will
Birth fat freedom.

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