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Going Home


Barbara Bramble

"Don fool roun. Get inna car."
"Not till ya move over'n lemme drive."
"Get in. Nobody drives my car b'me."
"Ya too drunk ta drive. Move over."
"No. Not drunk. Never drunk"
"Yer drunk.""Jus get inner car!"
"OK. But ya drive slow."
"I know what I'm doin. An don slam tha door. I said don slam tha ..."
"Hey! Wait'll I get tha belt on.!"
"Carn wait all night. Ya too drunk ta buckle it."
"No I'm not. Jus carn fin tha buckle. Jus carn fin... Hey! Where ya think ya goin?"
"Ya on tha bloody footpath!"
"Jus takin a short cut."
"Year over the footpath."
"We're in tha parkin lot now and whas wrong wi' drivin through tha parkin lot?
"Jus don hit anything."
"I know what I'm doin."
"Oh no! Ya've gone right over tha footpath again."
"Stop grumblin. We're onna road again now."
"Yeah but...Hey! Watch what ya doin! Struth! Ya nearly hit that car. Ya on tha wrong side o' tha road!"
"No I'm not. E is. E's tha sort should'n be onna road. E's a dangerous driver. That's wot E is."
"OK have it your way but jus stop tha car"
"Why should I?"
"Jus pull up here."
"Cos I live here. Thanks fer tha lift."
"That's OK. Couldn't let ya walk ome in tha state ya in. Ya wouldn't be safe."
"Year. Ya're good mate. Night."

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