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The Lover of Nature


Beverly Caine

If I was the mother of nature instead of the daughter of man,
This is how I'd re-write world history with the power of fate in my hands.

I'd make sure that all of the loving are loved; that the tired and world-weary can sleep;
That every man listens to any man; and all those who soweth soon reap.

Every student would have a fine teacher, and all of God's children new shoes,
And see that the hungry had eaten, and the homeless had something to lose.

I'd soon cure all the fatal diseases (AIDS would steal no more children of mine!
And turn hospitals into nice condos where families would thrive in due time.

In my world all prisons would crumble, all prisoners would need a new trade.
Perhaps I'd just give them pianos, and we'd dance to the music they made!

I'd let species endangered breed freely. Make all the worlds rivers run clean.
And help the rain forests recover, so the air would be healthy to breathe.

Then I'd send all the young soldiers homeward, smile as every last bomb is defused,
And laugh as the world ages sweetly when there's nothing but peace in the news.

Ah, but I'm not the mother of nature, and the power of fate is not mine.
I'm just the daughter of one humble farmer, with naught but a song for mankind.

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