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Chaldean Chronicles: Volume I


Brandon Excell

For thousands of years, Chaldea was a peaceful and quiet place with no need for law. Then, the strangers came; these strangers looked much like the Chaldeans except for the fact that their eyes were missing the sparkle the eyes of Chaldeans had. At first these strangers seemed friendly, they called themselves by two names "Christians" and "Missionaries," when they used these words the Chaldeans just pretended to listen while they were actually trying to think of a way to make these missionaries and their talks of "Heaven, "Jehovah," "Emmanuel" and the "Messiah" leave. To the Chaldeans, all of these words were nonsense. Then, came the "Churches" with their long, boring, "Sermons." The Chaldeans hated these lectures where the lead missionary, who called himself a "pastor" would lecture at them for hours on end. 

For a while, the Chaldeans did their best to tolerate these weekly lectures, until the missionaries started talking about "Christmas," the missionaries said that at this time, the Chaldeans would for the sake of their lives, have to give their souls to "Jesus." For the Chaldeans, this was the final straw, they could take no more, so on Christmas day, the Chaldeans confronted the missionaries, and gave them an ultimatum: Leave or Be Removed. The missionaries chose to stay, and talked some of the Chaldean people into joining their side of the battle.

Following the unwritten rules of battle engagement, the two sides chose a day for the battle to begin; they chose New Year's Day, one week later. For the first week, the battle was uneventful, because it was confined to hand-to-hand combat, and so not many advances were made on either side. After a week, however, the real battle began, when magic and weapons became allowed. Within days of this happening, the overall population of both sides was decimated; the Chaldeans were left with only 300 of their 1,000 original warriors, and the missionaries with only two. One man and one woman, they left quite quickly and afterward, the Chaldeans closed the door that allowed them to enter originally. 

Once this was done, the Chaldean people decided that they needed to set up a Governmental System. For this purpose, they chose the 12 oldest people left, who would begin serving as the elders, and they were decided to be the ones that would make all legal decisions in Chaldea. Their word would also be final on any matter they decide upon.

Volume Two

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