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Fast Talkin' Man


Beverly Caine

When fast-talkin' men are so easy to find
And the likes of you can be had for a dime
Why should I worry? Why should I whine?
I can do better'n you damn near anytime!

There once was a time when I loved you so dearly
You must have thought I would never see clearly.
But just like old Humpty who fell with a bump,
Oh Darlin' you blew it! So now who's the chump?

You thought I'd die hanging out on that line,
But I found me some sour grapes and made me some wine.
And I learned how to party, to play and be free,
And tonight I'll replace you, just you wait and see.

It's hard to believe when I look in your eyes
(Knowing how easy you slip into those lies)
That ever I loved you, or thought you were sweet,
It's funny how different you look with clay feet!

Some call it Karma - me, I think it's fate
That one day some lady shall rise to your bait.
Yes, your day is comin' - your luck cannot last!
And one day the future will serve up your past!

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