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Fairy Dreams


Barbara Everidge Tillison

For My Daughter Sierra

Hush my darling, for you are safe and snug in your bed,
Let all those bad thoughts flow far away from your head.
Alas, my sleepy child the time has come once again it seems,
For you to enter the magical land of the fairy dreams.
Shhhh now, and you can see them so sparkling and bright,
As they are laughing and playing in the pale moonlight.
In the dewy flowers there are pink and purple giggling girls,
Who are jumping and skipping each with long bouncing curls.
In the meadow shining yellow fairies fly on flower swings,
While little blue and violet boys float by on butterfly wings.
They live in the tall grass with large mushrooms for roofs,
And ride on beautiful white winged horses with tiny hoofs.
A shimmering waterfall is nearby and a pond full of fish,
Oh, to live in such a wonderful beautiful world is my wish.
Quiet now as the little fairies draw near to the ground,
It is time for them to come together and to settle down.
Watch my love, as the fairies gather down by the stream
Listen as they sing, Oh isn't this a wonderful fairy dream!
I tell you this story as it was told to me by a friend,
As long as we pass it on the fairy dream will never end.

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