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Bob Hyman

After crouching in the hallway
For a shelter, disbelief;
Looking just beyond the doorway,
Apprehension turns to grief.

Battered structures, broken parts,
Twisted pieces on the ground,
Gloomy spirits, broken hearts,
Tearful faces all around.

Pink and yellow insulation
Falling from the sky above
Like ticker tape from celebration
Sticking to me like a glove.

Books with torn and crumpled pages
Lying useless on the floor.
Frames with photos from the ages
Missing now forevermore.

Treasures gone, trinkets shattered,
Keepsakes lost without a trace;
Things of value, things that mattered,
All now gone in endless space.

Walking slowly through the rubble
Sorting through the mess with care,
Finding little for the trouble
Leaving most beyond repair.

Rolling storm clouds soon are past,
Blackness turns to evening's glow.
The sun returns to smile at last
And up above, a bright rainbow

Brings a promise of tomorrow
Calm and better than today.
Looking now beyond the sorrow
Faith and hope will find a way.

Returning now to normal living
Forcing fear out of my mind,
Full of thanks and full of giving
Leaving tragedy behind.

Finally knowing that the wreckage
Only affects the things I see,
And that a storm can never damage
Things secure in memory.

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