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Chaldean Chronicles - Volume II


Brandon Excell

It had been 450 years since the terrible war with the missionaries and the system of government through the elders seemed to be working well. In fact, there had only been one major transgression since its conception, and the effects of it were yet unseen. That transgression had been a romantic relationship between a Chaldean male, and a human female. 

The results were the Chaldean's banishment to earth, and a child. That relationship is explained below.

The young Chaldean male (about 217 years) had been named Paul and by this time, he already had a child by his late wife, Andrea, whom had been named Eli after Paul's father, the elder. At birth, this child was seen to have the mark of the mage, and so everyone in Chaldea knew the prophesied time was near. After Andrea's unfortunate and untimely death, Paul began watching/visiting other realms more often, generally Earth.

After a while, he found a young female on Earth who caught his eye, her name was Charina.  She was 24, had waist length brown hair, dark brown eyes, and was the most beautiful person Paul had ever seen. Therefore, one night, Paul decided to make his move. He gradually moved closer to her in the semi-crowded Los Angeles Bar where he spent most of his time. 

"Hello, m'lady, how are ye this lovely eve?" He asked her politely.

"Were you speaking to me?" Charina replied, not sure what Paul would see in her.

"Aye, lovely lady, I was speaking to ye," was Paul's response to the question, at which he began gazing into her eyes.

"Then, I am doing fine, how about yourself?" asked Charina by now slightly blushing.

"I am doing quite well, and being in your company makes things much better, m'lady. May I ask your name?" Replied Paul, hoping that she would be as friendly as she seemed.

"My name, my name is Charina," she said in a voice Paul could describe as only Angelic.  "May I ask yours?"

"Indeed you may, good lady. My name is Paul, and it is my pleasure to meet you," he said as he continued looking into her eyes.

"The pleasure is mine, good Paul," she responded, now her face nearly red due to her blushing, she reached her hand out in greeting to him.

Paul reached to her hand and gently lifted it towards his lips, where he gently kissed it, never losing his omnipresent gaze into her eyes. Charina was still wondering what Paul could possibly see in her, he was what she would guess to be about 23 years old, he had very short brown hair and eyes, a face which looked so smooth one would be led to believe it had never known facial hair. He was about 5'7," the same height as her, and something in his eyes continued to capture her attention, though she could not tell what it was.

At this time, Paul leaned over and whispered something very quietly in her ear, with which they both stood and left the bar together. After they left, they began walking in a seamlessly random pattern, and they began talking. After a while they came to the topic of where each had lived before coming to the city.

"To be honest with you, Paul, I am from the small town of Heaven, South Dakota," she said her voice seeming more angelic than before. "May I ask where you are from?"

Paul was still unsure of whether or not she was ready to hear the truth, so he decided to lie to her, but not before complimenting her once more. "I knew you were from heaven, that is the only place a creature as beautiful as you could come from. I am also from a small town, I am from Benton City, Washington," he said a little unsure of his answer.

"Really, Benton City, that is good, I heard that was a nice place to live, and thanks for the kind words," she said in response to his question, nearly sure he was lying, but not yet ready to confront him with it. As they continued walking, Paul realized it was getting late, and knew he needed to get back to Eli, so he told Charina he needed to go, but first offered to walk her home. 

When they reached her house, they ended the night with a kiss, and Paul began his trek back to the gate to Chaldea. As he did this, his mind never left Charina, and so he decided that Eli would be ok, and got a room at the nearby Holiday Inn, close enough for him to get to Charina, if he needed to, but also close to his way back to Chaldea.

The next morning, he woke very early and headed to Charina's apartment, he was determined to tell her the truth, knowing that without it their relationship could never last.

"Chaldea, where is that, is it mentioned in the Bible?" asked Charina, after Paul told her the truth she knew he had been hiding from her.

"No, Charina, it is another realm, one much like Earth, except we use technology differently there.  Would you like to visit some time?" He explained to her, hoping she would actually believe him.

"I would love to visit it someday, when can we go?" She asked him, wondering about his sanity.

"We can go tonight, it will be wonderful," replied Paul calmly.

"Okay, well, I need to go to work, so I will see you later tonight, ok?" Charina asked Paul as they both left the apartment.

"Ok, I will be here at about 7:00 to get you," responded Paul.

When Paul arrived at 7:00 that evening, Charina had just gotten out of the shower, trying to make sure she looked good for her trip to Chaldea. Paul and her walked to the gate which led to Chaldea, it was located away from most people, so as to not draw attention to it. 

When Paul and Charina arrived in Chaldea, the beauty of the place took Charina aback, and Paul saw the elders. He told Charina he must go speak to them, and left her to look around.

After just a few seconds, Paul returned to Charina, and told her they must go and that he would explain later. When they got back to Earth, they headed to Charina's apartment where Paul explained that he had been banished from Chaldea and its magic because of his relationship with Charina, they decided to stay together on Earth, and a year later, they were married. 

A year after this, John, their first son, was born, and they raised him like a normal child, never revealing to him his heritage.

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