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Raising Evolution


Bartholomew Klitgaard

1. This land is mythed by the tide's motion obscured. We travel to address a universal, by modifying the bolds in abstracts. There's a shade of evidence to be sown to the sky that holds on to conceal all that's within its reach. Vulnerability is in every move, to a prism of those who reveal the spectrum. So, the hangman has a puzzle. Maybe you would like to complete him, but if you compete him you will only share a name. In the pressure of fold, where both sides rise, is where the balance is found in life's symmetry.

2. Specific details attract away from the certain points. Minds go black in the populations, for the pleasure of knowing less. Talk less days drives memories to the city centre. Hopeless dreams cause the reality. If you could understand the inside of me, you would find the places that would set you free. The mind is a machine with the only certainty in time; graceful because of the systematic change. We break down because we make ourselves divisible. Quiet falls before the back row. Minds fall to the abstract zone. Generations in pearl because of crossed chromosomes.

3. Lady Bell rings in the good times, smiles in the afternoon, and sounds off at the darkening light. Sheíll hold the door to closing walls that enter inside. Her love is all a part of virtue of exchanging hands: that hold the new details that alter the old. In the distance the carousel of uniformity spins for infinity, living for the back round of what you were told. The mind that you have is a placement in time; forever folding the architecture down to before.

4. I woke up net to you, but it wasnít. A scale of property with foreign measure is my well of deep collection. Rain for the season in my heart of deep collection. Iím in search of poetry that brings closure. Head for the burrowing that is dead in the path of new beginning. I donít know about you in contemplation. Just want to talk to someone that I can dive into. The songbird breathes through the tunnels. The only time is within us all. Bring me change so to spear this time. Then Iíll meet you.

5. The world rolls out as skin from the sea. God is all alone with the creations. And shall we feast to beside our dignity by what captivates underneath? Birth is given to those who are prepared for it. I know who I am in my passing, and time is going on through its progression. The mind can't be received without existence, where existence is life as time is passing. Breathe out and into creation, for this world is our acceptance.

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